Types of Turf

It’s important to select the right type of turf for the intended use of the area where it will be installed. Our team can provide insight and a range of options to help select the best turf to meet the needs of the project.

We source our turf from the best manufacturers in the world. We review each manufacturing partner to ensure they use the most cutting-edge materials that are lead-free and have a warranty. We only select those materials we would use at our own homes to ensure you get the highest quality turf.

TurfPro Classic

Classic Turf provides all the benefits of artificial surfacing – drainage, beauty, durability and environmental bonuses – and is a more budget-friendly option. For installations that don’t need a lot of customized features, this is a good choice.

TurfPro Premiere

This high-quality landscaping option is recommended for areas that will have heavy foot traffic. Visually it emulates the look and feel of natural grass, with great resilience and built-in UV resistance to hold its color for years to come. It is a smart choice for any outdoor area including play areas, pool areas and outdoor entertaining areas.

TurfPro Platinum

Platinum Turf offers durability and beauty for moderate to heavy foot traffic areas. It provides a lush look and feel, with up to a two-inch pile height. This option works well for commercial installations, and home installations that require a large surface area to be covered.

Pet Turf

Our Pet Turf has been engineered specifically for moderate to high traffic pet areas. Our non-toxic, non-absorbent “synthetic soil” is pet-friendly and designed to drain quickly. The synthetic soil infill can reduce pet urine odors by up to 99%.

The materials in our turf are safe for the environment and have a strong backing for years of durability. Providing the realistic look and feel of grass, it eliminates mud and mess, and is hygienic for both pets and humans.

- SurePutt

Whether you are a recreational golfer or up there with the pros, SurePutt delivers the highest quality putting green experience. With a .75-inch pile height, it has been engineered and tested to respond similar to live putting greens at courses, so golf balls roll true. Along with all the other benefits of turf, SurePutt brings the best of the golf course to you.

- TruePutt

TruePutt turf is a high quality putting green option for larger home installations, and for commercial installations. It delivers a realistic putting experience and can provide long term durability for any putting green installation.